Jack Hammer Pokie

Among the most popular casino games to be played by online players nowadays seem to be the fascinated pokies which were introduced together with the development on online casinos. These popular casino games have revolutionised the online gaming industry thanks to the state of the art graphics, animation and sound which complement these games. There are no other pokies like them and although various casinos utilise different casino software, they are guaranteed to provide a fun-filled and entertaining manner in which to win possible large sums.

Play Jack Hammer Now for Free

The Jack Hammer pokie was created and developed by one of the leading online gaming software companies in the industry – Netent. Net Entertainment has grown rapidly in population over the last few years for having some of the most original virtual games. Among these virtual games include the slots and video slots. Although both forms of pokies utilise high quality graphics, it is the animation that differs between the two. Standard slots which are also sometimes referred to as fruit machines, have an average of three reels and comprise of symbols such as fruit and jokers. Their method of play is simple as they were the first forms of pokies introduced in the casino scene as well as land based casinos. On the other hand, the video slots are more complex in their creation as they utilise visual effects which can only be found in slots online. This means that when players play casino pokies in this manner they will come to expect an average of five reels and animated characters which complement their various themes and exclusive features. Among such features Netent has provided players the chance to win larger amounts through the play of wild substitutions, free spins, and scatter symbols and of course bonus symbols. But there are those features which have been adapted to suit particular games alone and cannot be found in any other of these popular casino games.

The Jack Hammer pokie is a video slot comprised of three tows, fifteen independent reels and twenty five bet lines. A player is able to play a series of bet levels ranging from one to ten and coin values while the bet lines are fixed at twenty five. The main theme of the Jack Hammer pokie revolves around the story line of a private detective by the name of Jack Hammer whose main goal is to fight off criminals such as Dr Wuten from causing havoc and blowing the city into smithereens. Therefore among the various symbols and characters which players will come across this game’s reels include Jack Hammer himself, the evil Dr. Wuten, a damsel in distress, a paper boy, a telephone, Dr. Wuten’s blimp, a bomb and many more. The combination of these various symbols will produce a series of pay outs as per the pay table indicated within the Jack Hammer pokie. The higher pay out is granted with the combination of the Jack Hammer characters while the lowest is the combination of the telephone. Based on a comic book strip, this pokie is able to offer startling animation and graphic on a high-end entertainment basis as well as an eye-catching series of bonus features. However it is thanks to the unique features within this casino game that players are able to win large sums. These features include the free spins, wild substitutions and of course the exclusive sticky wins feature available in the Jack Hammer pokie alone. The Jack Hammer pokie free spins are activated when five or more scatter symbols in the form of a bomb appear anywhere on the reels. The number of free spins won will be determined by the amount of scatter symbols. Five scatter symbols will activate 10 free spins; six scatter symbols will activate 15 free spins; seven scatter symbols will activate 20 free spins; eight scatter symbols will activate 25 free spins, and finally between nine and fifteen scatter symbols will activate 30 free spins. However it is important to note that no matter the number of free spins, these are played at the same bet level and bet lines as the spin which activated them in the first place. Additional free spins may also be won during this feature when three or more scatter symbols appear. All winnings are multiplied by three and are totalled and added to players’ balances at the end of the feature before they are transferred back to the main game. But, in order to achieve the maximum amount of scatter symbols to active the maximum free spins, the additional Sticky Win feature must be activated. This is activated when a winning bet line or three or more free spin symbols appear on the reels. When this occurs the reels with the winning symbols will remain stuck in their place while the rest of the reels re-spin. If, during the re-spins more of the same winning symbols appear, then these too remain in place and the reels continue to re-spin. The re-spinning will seize when no further winning symbols appear. This feature adds to the additional chances players have in gaining greater wins during the Jack Hammer pokie.

These features together with the additional options offered during the Jack Hammer pokie are what make this video lost among the most popular being presented by online casinos. So much so that Netent has also created a sequel to this game called Jack Hammer 2. In order to play casino pokies, players need not have an expert level of experience in order to understand their methods and play. However in order to make the process easier for these players, there are online casinos which offer players the chance to play casino games with a substantial amount of free credit. In this method, players may select the Jack Hammer pokie and practice it for as long as they desire until they are prepared to begin winning real money. Then, in order to do so, players would need to create an account with the relevant online casino and begin playing the same game with real money. Then, any winnings obtained from such pokies, will be transferred immediately and automatically to players’ balances from which they are able to place withdrawal requests.