Live Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest games in casino history. It was firstly introduced in Italy and the name baccarat which means zero, was given to this card game because of the fact that all picture cards and the number ten card comprise of zero points each. With the passing of time, and the development of casino games within online casinos, players were able to attend this popular game no matter where they were located in the world thanks to its transmission over the internet.

Although players are able to play a wide series of some of the most popular games in the industry, is the ability to play live casino games which attracts them the most. This is a unique ability allowing for online players to play with real live dealers in real time without them having to visit a land based casino. The method in which this is made possible is thanks to the collaboration online casinos have with either a land based casino or a casino studio in order to transmit a live feed of the dealers and their tables. Either way, a camera located in direct contact with these dealers will broadcast a live stream straight to players’ computer screens via the Wold Wide Web. But it is important to note that not every Tom, Dick and Harry is able to access this live feed. It must be noted that players must be logged into the casino account of the particular online casino transmitting that feed in order to access and play live baccarat. Although players are able to access certain types of virtual games through the play free casino games, this is not the case with live casinos. Therefore before being able to play with real dealers, players must either create or log into their account. An explanation for this is simple as it requires the play of real money to take place and in order to do so this balance must be produced from within players’ accounts. The addition of real credit must be made via the various payment methods available online. This form of transaction is securely guarded by state of the art software which does not enable any outside parties to have access to them. This also means that this forms part and parcel of the security measures implemented by such online casino games in order to ensure that players need not worry about manipulation or any other forms of fraudulent behaviour. Once all this has been done, then players are able to play their favourite game of live baccarat.

Live Baccarat follows the same rules and regulations as casino baccarat with the exception that players are not able to interact with other online players or casino players. In the case that players are playing with dealers located within a land based casino, they are only able to view their own bets placed on the imitation table located on their screens. It is almost like playing on a one to one basis with the dealers. The main objective of the game is for online players to place bets in any or all of three marked areas on the table in the hopes that the hand they bet on produces winnings. The three marked areas are Player, Bank and Tie. An online player is given a particular amount of time in order to place their bets on the table. The Player and Bank areas are the main hands where cards are dealt while the option of Tie is provided in the case that the online player believes that the points of both Player and Bank are equal to another. Once the time of placing bets has expired, then no more bets will be accepted and the dealer will begin dealing the cards. The cards are dealt in order at a minimum of two cards per main hand of Player and Bank. This is a fast paced game, and it gained its popularity due to the high roller bets placed on the table. It is simple to understand, especially when it comes to calculating the points of the hands. But the overwhelming feature is the sequences in which the cards are dealt as the third card is dealt depending on the cards dealt beforehand. But in order to understand this further it is recommended that players refer to the rules and regulations of live baccarat within the game itself. The point system, as mentioned earlier is fairly simple to understand and is as follows: All picture cards which are the King, Queen and Jack have a value of zero points each; the same applies to the number ten card which also has zero points. All other cards comprise of a series of points based on their face value where for example the number seven card has a value of seven points, the number two card has a value of two points and so on and so forth.

The odds produced by the live baccarat game are similar to those found within a land based casino. This means that although live game play takes place with chips, any winnings obtained during the game are granted also in chips. Once a player has then reached his goal and wishes to cash out their winnings, they are able to initially transfer their chips back into their main account by exiting the game it manually transferring their balance into cash. This will all depend on whether or not the live casino has utilised a seamless wallet in their software or not. The amount that has been transferred to players’ main balances is then available to be withdrawn into actual cash. After a brief verification process required by all online casinos, the player may then successfully requests withdrawals at any point in time they desire. The withdrawal method may take place utilising the same payment options which were originally available also for deposits. This means that through secure methods players are able to achieve the winnings obtained from live baccarat without the worry of it being interjected.