Live Blackjack

The play of live casino games was firstly introduced by online casinos only in recent years. With the change in the economy the way we know it, players were finding it more difficult to travel to their nearest land based casino to play their favourite table games. This became especially tricky with the long distances some players would have to travel in order to do so. Therefore certain online casinos have sought out methods in order to provide their players with the chance to play with live dealers from the comfort of their own homes.

The most popular table games being offered by land based casinos are those of roulette, baccarat and of course blackjack. It is therefore thanks to the collaboration that some of these online casinos have with either land based casinos or casino studios, that they have been able to provide their online players with the unique ability to play live blackjack from their computers. More often than not, due to the difference in the software mechanisms utilised by each individual casino, players may or may not be required to download additional software in order to play these types of casino games. Therefore being able to access them, players would need to find out more on what is required. However one thing does remain certain among all online casinos and that is the fact that all online players would need to log into their account (or create an account should they not already have a pre-existing casino account). The reason for this is because these popular games require players to play live casino games in real mode. This would also be the case expected when playing live games in a land based casino. In the case of live online blackjack, players would need to transfer a portion of their online account balances into chips. There are other online casinos however which transfer their whole balance into chips automatically through the use of a seamless wallet. Once this has been done, then players may begin playing a good game of live blackjack with real live dealers. However before being able to explain the method in which to play live casino games such as live blackjack, it must be made clear on the general rules and regulations of casino blackjack.

Blackjack is a card game which requires a certain amount of skill while still remaining a game of luck. The objective of the player is to have placed a bet on a hand which they think will accumulate up to twenty one points or which will beat the dealer’s hand in reference to points. It is an easy game to play and although certain players utilise a certain amount of strategies in their game play, it may be learnt with practice and is available to be played by players of all levels. As this card game is based on points, the system in which they are calculated is also simple. All picture cards which are the King, Queen and Jack as well as the 10 card comprise of ten points each; the Ace card (which is an important card for both live blackjack and casino blackjack) can either comprise of eleven or one point depending on the cards which were dealt before or after it. The rest of the cards comprise of their face value where the 9 card has nine points, the 7 card has seven points, the 2 card has two points and so on and so forth. As mentioned earlier, it is important that in order for a player to have a winning hand, they must have a total maximum amount of twenty one points or at least exceed the points of the dealer’s hand. A perfect blackjack on the other hand is an exact total of those twenty one points where they can be made up of two cards; a picture card and an Ace – where the picture card has ten points and the ace has eleven points. Before the round begins, a player would need to place bets on the table in the allocated areas marked on the table itself. This bets are a pre-determination of what the hand may reveal. The dealer will then begin dealing the cards clockwise starting from the players and eventually his own. Up to two cards will be dealt to each hand. Then a normal casino blackjack game will require players to decide for themselves whether or not they would want more cards to be dealt to their hand/s or if they want to stop with the cards. This is where the main difference between live blackjack and casino blackjack comes in.

As mentioned earlier, the transmission of the dealer at a blackjack table may be broadcasted from either a land based casino or a casino studio. The difference between these two transmissions is that the dealers within a land based casino will be dealing for both online players as well as casino players. In this case, there is no limit to the total amount of online players who may play the same round of live blackjack allowing for a limitless number of online players. In this case it is impossible for each one of them to communicate with the dealers in order to inform them of their next move. Therefore it is up to the dealers themselves to follow the strict rules and regulations of the game to make the decisions for the player. In the case of a broadcast taking place from within a casino studio, players are ‘seated’ on a live blackjack table whose dealers will be dealing solely to online players. In this case players are able to communicate with the dealers through a click of a button to either ‘hit’ them with a new card or ‘hold’ from receiving new cards. The dealers themselves will also be able to communicate with the online players through audio transmission and will be informing online players of the table limits and various other rules. The players themselves will not be able to speak to the dealers but there may be the opportunity to talk through live chat with the dealers.