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The ability to play casino games online was developed with the introduction of online casinos. These casino games were made available due to the demand of players unable to travel to land based casinos who wanted to still have access to their favourite games through the internet. While the chance to play casino pokies was already possible, casino games such as live baccarat, roulette and blackjack were only established in recent years. Based on the possibility to play with real live dealers via internet transmissions, players were then able to play regular casino games following the same rules and regulations which applied to these games within land based casinos.

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Casino Baccarat is a popular card game which first introduced in Italy whereby the name means zero in Italian. This name was given to the game due to the fact that the highest cards which are picture cards as well as the number ten cards have a value of zero points each. With the introduction of the game in various countries in Europe and America, it was also given a series of different names such as Puntobanco and Chemin de Fer. The set up of a casino baccarat game involves a table with a series of marked betting boxes. In Baccarat the two main betting boxes are names Player and Banker while in Puntobanco they are referred to as Punto (for Player in Italian) and Banco (for Bank in Italian). There is another marked betting box indicated at ‘Tie’ where the players may place bets should they believe that the value of the hands in both the Player and Banker boxes equal to one another. The values of the cards is simple to understand as they are valued between two and nine. As mentioned earlier, all picture cards and the number ten cards are valued at zero points while the Ace card is valued at one point. All other cards are valued at their face value of two to nine. The addition of the combination of the cards however is something to take note of as there are no values more than nine. This means that taking for example, should a hand contain a three and a two card, then their combination value is that of five, but should the hand contain a six and a seven, then the total adds up to three (where although they add up to thirteen points the last digit is only taken into consideration). The same applies with the combination of two cards such as a six and a four where, although the addition is ten, the value of the hand is zero. Although the calculation of the value of a hand is somewhat easy to understand and grasp, it is the dealing of the cards which seem a tad overwhelming to players who have never played casino baccarat before.

Casino Baccarat is a fast paced game which has gained the attention of royals and high class residents due to its pattern of being a high-roller game. However nowadays, any types of players of various levels of experience are able to play the game. As mentioned earlier, the main bets which may be placed on the table by players are either placed within the marked boxes of Player, Banker or Tie. These bets are placed at the beginning of the game and as the dealer commenced to place the cards on both Banker and Player areas, the values are easily calculated. The method in which the cards are dealt may seem complex but they are can be followed once the rules are well understood. The main hands consist of two cards. If either the Player or Banker is dealt a total of eight or nine points then these cards are referred to as ‘natural’ and no more cards are dealt to the hand. If on the other hand this does not occur, then the dealer will need to add an additional card to the hands depending on these set of rules. If the Player hand has an initial value of zero to five, then the dealer draws a third card; if the value is that of six or seven then the hand stands as it is. On the other hand, the Banker rules are somewhat different although the two main rules as mentioned with the Player still apply to the Banker just as long as the Player hand has only two cards. But if the Player is dealt a third card, then the following rules apply: a) If the Banker has a total value of two or less then the Banker will be dealt another hand no matter what the Player’s third hand is; b) If the Banker has a total value of three points, then the Banker is dealt a third card unless the player’s third card is an eight; c) If the Banker’s hand has a value of four, then the Banker will be dealt another card if the Player’s cards add up to two, three, four, five, six and seven; d) If the Banker’s total value is that of five, the Banker will be dealt a third card if the Player’s value is that of four, five, six or seven; e) If the Banker’s total value is that of six, then it will dealt a third card if the Player’s cards add up to six or seven; f) and finally if the banker has a total value of seven points, then the Banker’s hand stands as is.

Although the play of casino baccarat may seem overwhelming at first, online casinos offer their players the chance to play free casino games such as virtual baccarat with an automated dealer. This gives players the chance to better acquaint themselves with the game and practice with a substantial amount of free credit. These free casino games will apply the same rules and regulations of casino baccarat.This in turn will prepare them in the chances to win real money when playing live baccarat online or within land based casinos.