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Although the origins of blackjack are unknown it still remains to this day one of the best casino games which is played within land based casinos. With the attention drawn to online casinos it was then only a matter of time that players were able to play casino blackjack from their own computers through live dealer streaming via the internet. But one of the earliest references given to the game was by the Spaniards who referred to is ventiuna (Spanish for twenty one). As the name suggested, the objective of the game was and still remains to this day to achieve twenty one points in a hand without exceeding them. When the game was then introduced in the United States, gambling houses wanted to a specific bonus to players who achieved wither a Jack of spades or a Jack of clubs in their hand. This is where the name Blackjack was derived and has remained the name of the game ever since.

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As one of the best casino games being offered by land based casinos, casino blackjack has a series of rules and regulations which need to be followed and understood. The maximum number of players who may play casino blackjack are seven and they are seated on a round table while the dealer faces all players. The deck of cards are shuffled and before the dealer begins dealing the cards, the players must place an initial bet on the betting box located in front of them. As mentioned earlier, the main objective of the game is for players to achieve at least twenty one points without exceeding this amount or at least a larger sum of points that the dealer’s own hand. Once the dealer begins dealing the cards, they shall begin by dealing a single card clockwise to the players first and then finally to themselves. In order to add further cards to each player’s hands, the player is able to decide for themselves to this or not by selecting ‘hit’ for an additional card, ‘stand’ to receive no more cards and ‘double’ – a choice given on whether the player wants to double their wagers with that single card and stop from no further cards being dealt. There are also other options available which are those of ‘split’ where a player can split their two cards which have the same value in order to make up two separate hands and ‘surrender’ whereby the player surrenders the cards and gives up and loses his bets. In order to calculate the value of each card is simple as more often than not these cards are calculated at face value. All picture cards which are the King, Queen and Jack have a value of ten points each; the Ace which is one of the most important cards in casino blackjack can either be valued at eleven or one point depending on the cards produced before and after the ace. All other cards are calculated at their face value where the number two card is valued at two points; the number nine card is valued at nine points and so on and so forth. If the players’ points exceed those of twenty one then the player’s hand goes bust and all bets are lost. If the players’ hand exceeds those of the dealer’s then the player wins. But the best possible combination of points is that which can produce a straight blackjack with two cards such as a picture card valued at ten points and an Ace valued at eleven points.

With the inclusion of casino blackjack among the ability to play casino games online, allows for players to play the same game with real live dealers through the internet. In order to do so, online players would need to already have an account existing with the particular casino offering casino blackjack. The reason for this due to the fact that players are playing in real time and would need to play with their own money in order to add to that casino feel which most players long for. If they do not already have such an existing account, they would need to go through a brief and easy registration process. Once this has been done then players may select from a series of blackjack tables which allow for player to choose depending on the minimum and maximum wagering requirements they are wishing to utilise with each game round. When the screen open, players will be able to view an imitation table with betting boxes in which they are able to place their online bets in the form of chips. More often than not, although players are able to play with real dealers, their screens is based on their own bets and are unable to see the bets of other online players. This is the case when players play with dealers located within land based casinos. The rules and regulations in this case are slightly different to the standard casino blackjack rules. As there is no limit to the total number of players who may play the same round of casino blackjack, there is no way in which these players can communicate with the dealers. Therefore it is up to the dealers to make the decisions for the players. Therefore should the payer’s hand reach a series of cards valued at seventeen points or more, no more cards will be dealt, while another card will be added should the hand be valued at sixteen points or less. However a player is still given the choice on whether the split or double up on their bets with one click of a button. If on the other hand, a live transmission is being broadcasted from within a casino studio whose dealers are purposely put into place for the benefit of online players alone, then the same rules and regulations of standard casino blackjack apply and players are able to make their own decisions through clicks on their own computer screen.