Casino Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in history. The origins of this popular casino game were thanks to the invention of a Frenchman’s self rotating wheel. Before he knew it, the game of roulette was born. Although it was similar to the casino game of roulette we know and love nowadays, there were some changes that were implemented including the method in which it was played.

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The original game of roulette was introduced having a series of letters marked within its wheel either being an O or an E. These represented the odd and even numbers without actually having numbers within the wheel. With the passing of time, the need for further competition among the players was needed and the introduction of numbers where implemented. Unfortunately due to the rocky road of the legalities of gambling, casino games such as roulette were banned from various European countries and therefore special venues such as underground gambling houses and eventually casinos were needed in order to play casino roulette. It was then that the game’s rules and regulations changed to the ones we know today. It was only a matter of time that the venue which housed the casino roulette sought out a way in gaining an upper hand over the players and therefore introduced the zero to the roulette wheel. The single zero was applied to the European roulette, while on the other hand in America the double zero was also included. Through the migration of French nationals to America, they took with them the game of roulette and this slight change in the wheel also followed. But no matter the type of game played by players online, casino roulette still remains one of the most sought after and great casino games.

With the invention of global communication via the internet, casinos took the opportunity to provide players the chance to continue to play casino games such as pokies, table games, card games, bingo and many more at any point they desired without the need for them to travel to land based casinos or having to leave their homes. Therefore it was only a matter of time that casino roulette was also introduced as a live roulette game online. Online casino players were still able to play regular casino games but without them having to physically be within the casinos themselves. The way this was made possible was thanks to the live transmissions broadcasted over the internet straight to the online casinos with which these casinos collaborated with. This meant that this exclusive broadcast was only available to players who owned accounts within these casinos. This also meant that players would need to log into their accounts before being able to access and play casino games online such as casino roulette. The reason for this was simple. In order to provide that casino feel much desired by players around the world, the same procedures would need to take place such as the case of playing with real money in the form of chips. This meant that players would need to utilise their account balances before being able to play. Upon entering, then player are given the choice to choose from a series of casino roulette tables. These were distinguished based on the minimum and maximum wagering requirements of each round. Then, a separate screen will open up revealing an imitation roulette layout where online player are expected to place their bets on the table. There are a series of bets which may be made in casino roulette. However in order to have a successful game of roulette, all that is needed is a roulette wheel, a white ball to spin within the wheel and of course a roulette table layout.

Casino roulette comprises of a series of numbers from one to thirty six. Depending on the form in which roulette is being presented this will include the single zero (0) or both the single and the double zero (00). The series in which the numbers are located within the wheel will depend on the type of roulette being played. On the other hand, the roulette layout table where the bets are being placed will also be made up of these numbers in numerical order in a series of three columns by three rows of numbers. The numbers are then coloured depending on their colour within the wheel and this will be either black or red. At the very top of the rows of numbers will be the zero figures which are more often than not marked in green in order to distinguish them as house figures. A players is expected to place their bets on this layout but there are two main betting types; inside and outside. Any bets placed among the actual numbered boxes within the layout are referred to as inside bets. These include bets such as straight up which is a bet directly on one particular number and pays the highest odds of thirty five to one, a split bet which is a bet split between two adjacent numbers, and other forms of split bets among a series of numbers. On the other hand, outside bets are bets placed on the boxes available around the circumference of the layout. These mark a series of grouped numbers and whose odds are the lowest. The reason for this is because of the fact that they include general grouped numbers such as in the case of either placing bets on all even numbers, odd numbers, black numbers or red numbers. The lowest odds are one to one being offered by these groups. Although there is a series of strategies which may be used when playing casino roulette, players must remain aware that roulette remains a game of luck but a fun and entertaining one none the less with the ability to win large sums in the end. Being in a position to play casino games such as roulette is an advantage recently gained by online players due to the unique software which is utilised in order to be presented online. Therefore all a player would need to do is access their accounts, log into their casino roulette game and begin winning for real!